Missed Lesson Policy
Students are allowed one missed lesson per calendar month as long as 24 hours notice is given. All lessons that are missed without 24 hours notice are not eligible for a make up and are lost to the student. Lessons that are eligible for a make up can be scheduled at a time that you and your teacher deem reasonable. If you and your instructor cannot find an agreeable time, a make up lesson with one of our other highly skilled faculty members is also available. All other missed lessons within that calendar month are not eligible for make ups and are lost to the student. Missed lessons cannot be accumulated and then "cashed in". Make ups must be done within a two week period from the students absence. Please note that a make up lesson is considered a scheduled lesson and is subject to all terms and conditions listed above. The Music Workshop reserves the right to have a substitute teacher fill in for your instructor. Please note that this also is a regularly scheduled lesson and all attendance rules apply.

Payment Policies
The Music Workshop accepts the following forms of payment: checks, cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Bills are sent out on the fifteenth of every month for the following month's tuition. All monthly payments must be paid in full and there is no monetary credits given (with the exception of a teacher's absence or the school having to close due to inclement weather). Monthly tuition is due by the first of every month. If payment has not been received by the first of the month, lessons will be suspended and your lesson time will then be forfeited. Because of this we cannot guarantee your lesson day, time or instructor. Lessons can only resume if payment is made in full. If you like you can automate the monthly paying process. By providing us with credit card information, we will charge your card between the 20th and 25th of each month. You will still receive an invoice approximately two weeks before the drafting, so if you should have any questions about the amount to be charged or want to stop the paying process, you may do so.

Termination of Lessons
We require that you give two weeks notice prior to stopping lessons on a permanent basis. This must be done in writing and submitted to the office. By giving two weeks notice, we know that your lesson time will be available to perspective students. If you do not notify us, we may have had to turn away potential business because we think you are still attending the school. If you should quit without proper notice, any lessons within that two week period will be owed to the school and deducted from your credit card on file.

Use of Credit/Debit Card or Lesson Deposit
The Music Workshop requires all students to provide a two lesson deposit. This can be done by leaving credit card information or by cash or check. If securing with cash or check, you are essentially pre-paying for your last two lessons at the school. Credit/debit card information would only be used in the event that the student does not comply with any of the policies stated above (EX. Failure to comply with the termination of lessons policy).

The Kids Music Workshop will teach your child the fundamentals of rhythm and pitch through a series of traditional and children's songs as well as incorporating aspects of movement, call and response and group participation. Come and discover the impact of music in a child's life.